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Established in 1992, the UNESCO Chairs/UNITWIN Programme with the aim of developing interuniversity cooperation, while emphasizing the transfer of knowledge between universities and the promotion of academic solidarity across the world. 

Programme participants include:

  • Universities and other institutions of higher education, and NGOs related to higher education.
  • Scientific bodies and institutions that have made contacts and signed cooperation agreements.

The main objectives of the UNITWIN Programme are:

  • To strengthen cooperation between universities (North-South, but also South-South).
  • To support higher education in developing countries.
  • To offset the consequences of the exodus of professionals.

Special attention is given to third-cycle studies and research, with priority given to the creation of strategies and mechanisms aimed at achieving the rapid and effective transfer of knowledge, and their application to the specific national and local conditions and needs.


List of UNESCO Chairs

773 UNESCO CHAIRS as at 10/09/2013


Procedures for the UNITWIN / UNESCO Chairs Programme

Guidelines and procedures for the UNITWIN / UNESCO Chairs Programme (PDF)


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