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Geological Heritage
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ProGEO - The European Association for the Conservation of the Geological Heritage
ProGEO is an association that is open to all, and most of Europe's nations are represented by members. ProGEO is working to promote the protection of Europe's typical and important landscapes, as well as its many-faceted heritage of geological phenomena, all of the greatest scientific and cultural importance. ProGEO intends to give Earth-science conservation in Europe a stronger voice, and to act as a forum for the discussion of issues, advising and influencing policy makers.
+info: http://www.progeo.se/...
Posted by FUUH member: Díaz Martínez, Enrique

Declaration of Reykjavík - ProGEO VIII Conference
Recognition and recommendations after 8th International ProGEO Symposium, 'Geoconservation Strategies in a Changing World', held at Reykjavík (Island), 9-10 September 2015.
+info: http://www.progeo.se/Iceland_2015_Declaration_Reyk...
Posted by FUUH member: Díaz Martínez, Enrique







Geoheritage in Europe and its conservation
Published: 2015
The only record of the history of our planet lies in the rocks beneath our feet: rocks and the landscape are the memory of the Earth. Here, and only here, is it possible to trace the processes, changes and upheavals which have formed our planet over thousands of millions of years: the more recent part of this record, of course, includes the evolution of life, including Man. The record preserved in the rocks and landscape is unique, and much of it is surprisingly fragile. Today it is threatened more than ever. What is lost can never be recovered, and therefore there is an urgent need to understand and protect what remains of this our common heritage.
For the first time a comprehensive overview of geo-conservation in Europe has been presented in a book. The book includes specific contributions from 37 countries focussing on legislation and geoconservation practices.
+info: http://www.progeo.se/manual_flyer.pdf...
Posted by FUUH member: Díaz Martínez, Enrique

European guidelines for wine cultural landscape preservation and enhancement: with special regard to endangered areas and vineyards
ICOMOS Open Archive
Published: 2015
Results of the VITOUR Landscape European project (2010-2012), involving 10 European vineyards inscribed on the WOrld Heritage List. "The cultural landscapes we are dealing with are different in history, economic and demographic structures, and they are ruled differently according to the various institutions which are in charge of their protection and enhancement. Different also are the laws and regulations – national and international - which should provide for this item. Taking all these differences into account, there is a very strong link between the cultural landscapes we propose as an example of good practices in our guidelines: they are all World Heritage sites. Our intention is to present the case of our sites as an open laboratory of experiments in good practices, still in progress, useful for other protected and / or endangered sites." The ViTour Landscape project and its partners (Giuliana Biagioli)
+info: http://openarchive.icomos.org/1648/...
Posted by FUUH member: García Vicente, José Javier

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