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Editors: Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed and Dr. Mohammad Habib Reza

CALL FOR BOOK CHAPTERS - Re-imagining Bengal: Architecture, built environment and cultural heritage - Deadline: 31 February 2016
Editors: Dr. Iftekhar Ahmed and Dr. Mohammad Habib Reza
Bengal is remarkably ancient and its contemporary features are also rich and diversified. They present us with a rich palimpsest of layers of history with deep rooted imprints of Hindu, Buddhist and Islamic culture, which range from the heart of older parts of traditional city enclaves to remote rural places. They carry the tangible and intangible elements of Bengal society and sustain local identity and culture. The local built environment, having both tangible and intangible cultural qualities, often without being one or the other, is not simple to define or capture. It is not linear and embodies multiple issues and elements. Local cultural heritage is not static; it is inherited as an element to be passed on through subsequent generations. It may be the cultural legacy, and continuity inherited in time that incorporates the identity of place and people from past into the present in a perpetual process that evolves with time and embodies local tradition, knowledge and value…
+info: http://www.catedraunescoforum.upv.es/doc/CallforBo...
Posted by FUUH member: Reza, Md Habib






International Conference on Education as a Driver for SDGs
11-13 January 2016.  Ahmedabad. India
Organisation: CEE Ahmedabad in cooperation with UNESCO, UNEP and the Ministry of Environment, Forest and Climate Change, Government of India.
Contact: registration@ceeindia.org
Deadline: 31/12/2015
+info: http://www.ceeindia.org/esdg/...


International Symposium "Dialogue among Cultures: Carnivals in the World"
3-7 February 2016.  Florencia - Viareggio. Italy
Organisation: Fondazione Romualdo del Bianco, Istituto Internazionale Life Beyond Tourism, Firenze, Italia y la Universidad de Nariño Pasto, Colombia con la colaboración de la Fondazione Carnevale di Viareggio, Italia
Contact: carnevale.simposio@gmail.com
Deadline: 31/07/2015
+info: http://www.lifebeyondtourism.org/evento/727/...
Posted by FUUH member: Niglio, Olimpia


1er Congreso Internacional sobre Consevación de Sitios Mixtos
10-12 March 2016.  Puebla. Mexico
Organisation: La Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla y el ICOMOS México
Contact: primer.congreso.sitios.mixtos@hotmail.com
Deadline: 20/12/2015
+info: http://www.equiponaya.com.ar/eventos/1cicsm.htm...
Posted by FUUH member: García Vicente, José Javier


53° IFLA World Congress "Tasting the Landscapes"
20-22 April 2016.  Turin. Italy
Organisation: International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) in collaboration with Italian Association of Landscape Architecture (AIAPP).
Contact: call@ifla2016.com
Deadline: 10/08/2015
+info: http://www.ifla2016.com/...


2016 ACHS Conference “What Does Heritage Change?”
6-10 June 2016.  Montreal, Quebec. Canada
Organisation: Research Chair on Urban Heritage at UQAM in partnership with Concordia University
Contact: achs2016@uqam.ca
Deadline: 01/11/2015
+info: http://achs2016.uqam.ca...

Tourism and Cultural Landscapes: Towards a Sustainable Approach
12-16 June 2016.  Budapest. Hungary
Organisation: Metropolitan University of Applied Sciences and the Foundation for Information Society (INFOTA), Hungary
Contact: bassa.lia@infota.org
Deadline: 31/12/2015
+info: http://infota.org/tourism-and-cultural-landscapes/...




When Cultural Policies Change: Comparing Mexico and Argentina
The ENCATC Book Series on Cultural Management and Cultural Policy Education is published by P.I.E. Peter Lang
ISBN 978-2-87574-309-1
Published: 2015
How can change in cultural policy be explained? Through a comparative and historical analysis this research sheds new light on the emergence, institutionalization and transformation of the cultural policies of two major Latin American countries: Mexico and Argentina. Author Elodie Bordat-Chauvin, winner of the 2014 ENCATC Research Award, has published her investigation based on the material gathered in the ethnographic fieldwork conducted between 2008 and 2010. The work challenges the common assumptions that Mexican cultural policy is characterized by inertia and Argentinean cultural policy by instability. It analyses factors of change and their consequences including reductions in cultural budgets, transformations in cultural industries and modifications in the balance of power between national, subnational, public and private actors.
+info: http://encatc.org/pages/fileadmin/user_upload/2015...
Posted by FUUH member: Cogliandro, Giannalia

European guidelines for wine cultural landscape preservation and enhancement: with special regard to endangered areas and vineyards
ICOMOS Open Archive
Published: 2015
Results of the VITOUR Landscape European project (2010-2012), involving 10 European vineyards inscribed on the WOrld Heritage List. "The cultural landscapes we are dealing with are different in history, economic and demographic structures, and they are ruled differently according to the various institutions which are in charge of their protection and enhancement. Different also are the laws and regulations – national and international - which should provide for this item. Taking all these differences into account, there is a very strong link between the cultural landscapes we propose as an example of good practices in our guidelines: they are all World Heritage sites. Our intention is to present the case of our sites as an open laboratory of experiments in good practices, still in progress, useful for other protected and / or endangered sites." The ViTour Landscape project and its partners (Giuliana Biagioli)
+info: http://openarchive.icomos.org/1648/...
Posted by FUUH member: García Vicente, José Javier

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