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Register and collection catalogue - UniqueCollection
UniqueCollection is a collections management system, that helps you to register, catalogue and show your art objects. UC is especially designed for professional handling of heritage at a fraction of the cost compared to other commercial systems. The tool is set up so flexible that it can adapt to the needs of your organisation and the type of collection when needed.
UniqueCollection is a comprehensive system that has three complementary products, with varying degrees of complexity that can be used according to your needs. The UniqueCollection product family is the best solution to protect, manage and visualize your collection.
+info: https://www.uniquecollection.org/...

A Rendered Recreation of Marcel Breuer's St. John's Abbey Church
A Belarus-based rendering studio, iddqd, have faithfully recreated Marcel Breuer's St. John's Abbey Church in a series of highly detailed images representing both the building's interior spaces and iconic external volume. The first in a long-term project called 'Unforgotten Heritage', this collection of drawings are complemented by a movie which shines a spotlight on a building which, according to the artists, "might otherwise be forgotten."
+info: http://www.archdaily.com/778724...






Arte-Polis 6 - International Conference and Workshop "Imagining Experiences: Creative Tourism and the Making of Place"
4-5 August 2015.  Bandung. Indonesia
Organisation: School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development Institut Teknologi Bandung
Contact: artepolis_itb@yahoo.com
Deadline: 15/02/2015
+info: http://arte-polis.id/...



V Jornadas sobre la Relación Pedagógica en la Universidad: nuevos entornos de aprendizaje
20-21 January 2016.  Valencia. Spain
Organisation: CREARI Grup de Recerca en Pedagogies Culturals (GUB 2013-103) de la Universitat de Valencia
Contact: ricard.huerta@uv.es
Deadline: 20/12/2015
+info: http://esbrina.eu/es/portfolio/v-jornades-sobre-la...
Posted by FUUH member: Huerta Ramón, Ricard


2nd International Conference of Aerial Archaeology “From Aerostats to Drones: aerial imagery in Archaeology”
3-5 February 2016.  Rome. Italy
Organisation: The Laboratory of Ancient Topography and Photogrammetry (LABTAF) of the University of Salento, together with Ghent University (Belgium) and the University of Cassino
Contact: labtaf@unisalento.it
Deadline: 30/09/2015
+info: http://www.archeologia-aerea.it/eng.html...


II International Conference TOURISM & HISTORY: The role of tourism in the enhancement of Ibero-American history and culture
10-11 March 2016.  Faro. Portugal &, Caxias do Su. Brazil
Organisation: The “Universidad do Algarve” (Portugal), the “Universidad do Minho” (Portugal), the Universidad de Sevilla (Spain) and the “Universidad de Caxias do Sul” (Brasil).
Contact: turhis2016@ualg.pt
Deadline: 30/11/2015
+info: http://cieo15.wix.com/turismo-historia...


ICON Conference 2016
15-17 June 2016.  Birmingham. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Organisation: Icon - the Institute of Conservation
Contact: the lead voice in the UK
Deadline: conference@icon.org.uk
+info: http://icon.org.uk/news/call-papers-icon-conferenc...

XIV International Forum of Studies ‘Le Vie dei Mercanti’ "World Heritage and Degradation. Smart Design, Planning and Technologies"
16-18 June 2016.  Aversa, Naples, Capri. Italy
Organisation: Seconda Università degli Studi di Napoli
Contact: leviedeimercanti@unina2.it
Deadline: 20/01/2016
+info: http://www.leviedeimercanti.it/...
Posted by FUUH member: Ciambrone, Alessandro

Digital Heritage Conference 2016
29-30 June 2016.  Amsterdam. Netherlands
Organisation: Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (Government of the Netherlands)
Contact: h.f.vandervoort@minocw.nl
Deadline: 20/12/2015
+info: http://www.europanostra.org/coming-events/3152/...


5th International Conference on Heritage and Sustainable Development
12-15 July 2016.  Lisbon. Portugal
Organisation: Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development
Contact: heritage2016@greenlines-institute.org
Deadline: 31/10/2015
+info: http://heritage.greenlines-institute.org/...


ICOM-CC Photographic Materials Working Group Interim Meeting Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
21-24 September 2016.  Amsterdam. Netherlands
Organisation: ICOM-CC Photographic Materials Working Group
Contact: icom-cc.pmwg.2016@rijksmuseum.nl
Deadline: 15/01/2016
+info: https://www.rijksmuseum.nl/en/icom-cc.pmwg...


ICDH 2016 : 18th International Conference on Digital Heritage
24-25 November 2016.  London. United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
Organisation: WASET - World Academy of Science, Engineering and TechnologyDeadline: 24/05/2016
+info: https://www.waset.org/conference/2016/11/london/IC...




Use of Digital Tools in the Arts and Cultural Sector
Published: 2015
This research on the use of digital tools in the arts and cultural sector gives information about how digital technology know-how is used by three core target groups: researchers, academics and cultural managers.
ENCATC carried out a survey on “Digital Technology and Know-How” between September 2014 and May 2015 that was answered by more than 450 people in Europe and across the globe.
The aim of this survey was to provide ENCATC with data to analyse and produce recommendations, to use for the design of training on digital tools for the sector, and to elaborate a future digital handbook.
+info: http://encatc.org/pages/fileadmin/user_upload/2015...
Posted by FUUH member: Cogliandro, Giannalia


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