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On-line Exhibition - Gravity: A Space Odyssey
GADCOLLECTION Gallery is pleased to invite you to visit the on-line exhibition of stunning photos taken during the various STS missions(Space Transportation System)which took place between 1981 and 2011. With Columbia, Challenger,Discovery,Atlantis and Endeavour, the space conquest enters a new era.
+ info: http://www.gadcollection.com/lang-en/27_3-gravity

Awards - King Street Station - Seattle - Washington State (USA)
This special award is presented for the restoration of Seattle’s King Street Station which resulted in a historic building receiving LEED platinum certification. The jury recognizes the difficulty of restoring a building of this quality and the outstanding preservation effort to give renewed life to this important civic landmark. The architects did an excellent job of restoring the building to its previous elegance through strict attention to details and material selection. Great credit goes to all the craftspeople involved in restoring this magnificent structure.
+ info: http://www.aianwpr.org/2013/10/28/2013-jury-recognition-king-street/

Il Pastificio Moro ed il Museo Mulino di Bottonera in Lombardia - Italy
Attraverso il libro di Marco Scuffi “Pastificio di Chiavenna. I 145 anni” conosciamo la storia del Pastificio Moro e del Mulino di Bottonera che oggi ospita un interessante museo di archeologia industriale sulla produzione della farina.
Valchiavenna, provincia di Sondrio, tutto è nato per volontà di Carlo Moro (1838-1889). Carlo, che da giovane lavorava come panettiere, cominciò la propria attività fondando un mulino ed un torchio per la macinazione dei cereali a Chiavenna, presso il quartiere della Bottonera, dove sorgevano già da tempo altri opifici, che sfruttavano l’energia motrice fornita dall’acqua di un canale artificiale, la Molinanca, chiuso nella seconda metà del XX secolo.
+ info: http://archeologiaindustriale.net/1118_il-pastificio-moro-ed-il-museo-mulino-di-bottonera-in-lombardia/

Campaign for a European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year 2015
In november 2009 industrial heritage associations from different European countries and regions met in Calais (France) to discuss cross-border co-operation and exchange of experiences and information. There was a large concensus on the proposal to launch the idea of an European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year.
A campaign was launched which makes an appeal to heritage and (local) history associations in every European country to support the initiative. As a first step, in 2010-2013, one aims to rally as much as possible national, regional, local and thematic associations round the common Memorandum.
The associations and representatives who took part in the London E-FAITH weekend of October 2012 decided to designate 2015 to be the European Industrial and Technical Heritage Year - thus to happen exactly 40 years after the pioneering European Architectural Heritage Year of 1975
+ info: http://www.e-faith.org/home/?q=content/european-industrial-and-technical-heritage-year-2015

Sado Island in Japan and the Golds mines
On Sado Island, which is off the coast of mainland Japan, there were some large-scale mines which had been developed from the middle of the 16th century, and those remains are preserved in good condition. Sado Gold and Silver Mine is now aiming to be inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In November 2010, Sado Gold and Silver Mine was inscribed on Japan's World Heritage Tentative List, under the title of "The Sado Complex of Heritage Mines, Primarily Gold Mines"
+ info: http://www.pref.niigata.lg.jp/bunkagyosei/1335474058510.html
Posted by FUUH member: Niglio, Olimpia. Italia

Antikythera Mechanism - video
New interpretations of the Antikythera Mechanism reveal that it could be used to predict eclipses, and that it had a dial recording the dates of the ancient Olympiads. The 2,000-year-old box of intricate gearwork provides a glimpse of the engineering prowess of the Hellenic world.
+ info: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znM0-arQvHc

La Centrale del Battiferro a Bologna è in vendita - Italy
Il Comune di Bologna mette in vendita la Centrale idrotermoelettrica del Battiferro, una delle testimonianze più importanti della storia industriale del capoluogo dell’Emilia Romagna.
La Centraledel Battiferro è situata lungo il canale Navile, che fu per secoli uno dei cuori pulsanti dell’attività produttiva in città: l’area dove si trova, il Battiferro, deriva il nome dalla presenza nel passato di opifici legati alle lavorazioni metallurgiche. Si tratta di una zona che potremmo definire “strategica” dal punto di vista dell’archeologia industriale: nelle immediate vicinanze della centrale si trovano, infatti, il principale sostegno (così si chiamano le chiuse) del canale, la Fornace Galotti che ospita il Museo del Patrimonio Industriale e i resti di un’antica cartiera…
+ info: http://archeologiaindustriale.net/1195_la-centrale-del-battiferro-a-bologna-e-in-vendita/

Exposition "Les Paris de l'industrie"
10 December 2013 - 07 January 2014 Paris. France
Organizers: Le refectoire des Cordeliers
Contact: roseline.bigot@upmc.fr
+ info: http://www.refectoire-cordeliers.paris-sorbonne.fr/manifestations/view_alaffiche/143
Posted by FUUH member: Pierrot, Nicolas. France


REHAB 2014 – International Conference on Preservation, Maintenance and Rehabilitation of Historic Buildings and Structures
19 - 21 March 2014 Tomar. Portugal
Organizers: Green Lines Institute for Sustainable Development
Contact: rehab2014@greenlines-institute.org
DEADLINE: 30 jun 2013
+ info: http://rehab2014.greenlines-institute.org/rehab2014website/conference_scope.html

Séminaire "Mettre en tourisme le patrimoine industriel"
22 March 2013 Paris. France
Organizers: La Région Île-de-France et l’Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne
Contact: industrie-patrimoine-culture@iledefrance.fr
+ info: http://www.iledefrance.fr/patrimoines-et-inventaire/actualites/evenement/mettre-en-tourisme-le-patrimoine-industriel/
Posted by FUUH member: PIERROT, Nicolas

IX Congreso Internacional de Molinología
09 - 11 May 2014 Murcia. Spain
Organizers: La Asociación para la Conservación de la Huerta de Murcia (HUERMUR) junto a ACEM
Contact: congreso@molinologia.es
DEADLINE: 10 ene 2014
+ info: http://www.molinologia.es/




L'industrie minière de l'antimoine et du tungstène. Émergence, prospérité et disparition des exploitations de France métropolitaine aux XIXe et XXe siècles
Par Pierre-Christian Guiollard
Mémorie de thèse soutene le 11 décembre 2009 à l’Université de Haute-Alsace à Mulhouse.
Directeurs de thèse : Nicolas Stoskopf et Pierre Fluck (CRESAT)
Atlantica Éditions
ISBN: 9782758803737

Year: 2009
Antimoine et tungstène, deux « petits métaux » d’alliage qui, chacun à des époques différentes, eurent une importance stratégique liée à l’industrialisation et à l’armement. L’antimoine dont l’existence est connue depuis l’Antiquité, fut exploité en France depuis le XVIe siècle, mais c’est véritablement au cours des XIXe et Xxe siècles qu’il fit l’objet d’une exploitation importante en de nombreux points du territoire français. Le tungstène est de découverte plus récente, même si ses principaux minerais, la wolframite et la scheelite, sont connus depuis longtemps des minéralogistes et des chimistes, ses applications industrielles datent seulement de la dernière décennie du XIXe siècle.
+ info: http://afhe.ehess.fr/index.php?1603

Reusing the Industrial Past by the Tammerkoski Rapids: Discussions on the Value of Industrial Heritage
Editor: Miia Hinnerichsen, 2011
Publisher: City of Tampere, Museum Services, Pirkanmaa Provincial Museum
ISBN 978-951-609-485-7 (paperback)
ISBN 978-951-609-486-4 (PDF)

Year: 2011
The publication contains essays that approach the issues of evaluation of industrial heritage and the criteria for good reuse practices.
+ info: http://www.tampere.fi/material/attachments/5yQLMycCb/Reusing_the_Industrial_Past2.pdf

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