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1999<< 4th International Seminar of Forum UNESCO >> Ifrane



Theme: "University synergy and Heritage experts, Heritage and Information/Communication technology, Heritage and Formation"

Marocco, 5 - 10 December 1999


The 4th Forum UNESCO - University and Heritage, to be held at AI Akhawavn University in lfrane (Morocco) will be, without any doubt, a considerable chapter in this worldwide network.

In their collaboration in common projects aiming at the protection of both material and symbolic heritage, Universities play a key role thereby giving momentum to development forces.

Cooperation between universities, specialists and practitioners of heritage in this field is indispensable.

The commitment of universities, as centers of excellence, to the valorization of our common heritage nourishes a strong feeling of the unity of our planet.

We should never forget that the preservation of the past contributes to better design the future.

Federico Mayor
General Director, UNESCO


Valencia, Spain; Quebec, Canada; Melbourne, Australia; Fez, Morocco - with this fertile reality, that sounds like something out of The Arabian Nights, I wonder if those of us who have decided to make a commitment to heritage issues will end up being dangerous. Will we end up being, simply, necessary, the driving force behind young university students, teachers, institutions, behind, in fact, anything related to sites of historical interest?

We are gradually recruiting in more and more members to form a part of the magnificent Forum UNESCO University and Heritage. We are coming to know them better and familiarising them with what we represent, in particular through the work we carry out. We are gradually making more people aware of our vision and our deeds. We are generating education.

I am sure that this International Conference in Fez, the fourth in the lifetime of Forum UNESCO, will legitimise and consolidate the organisation.
I extend my warmest congratulations to all those who have made it possible.

Justo Nieto Nieto
Forum UNESCO President
Rector, Polytechnic University of Valencia


The organization of the 4th. Forum UNESCO, University and Heritage at AI Akhawayn University is an appropiate decision for a host of reasons. The first reason is the very geographic location of our university situated near three major sites figuring among the world heritage list, namely: Volubilis, Meknes and Fes. Our university is also located at the heart of the Atlas mountains considered to be an exceptional ecological heritage. Heritage will, therefore, be defined as a historic concept that will transcend the closed and stereotypical
identities. This will permit the opening up on all sorts of components that make up the richness and diversity of the human culture.

The 4th Forum UNESCO will also develop the awareness of University people for heritage issues as an essential component for the institution of peace and understanding with different cultures. In this respect, AI Akhawayn University aspires to create links between universities around the world, and more particularly with Mediterranean, Arab and African universities. We will mobilize all the necessary resources to guarantee a follow up to this important Forum and provide all the means for it to attain its objectives.

On behalf of AI Akhawayn University, I would like to invite you all to participate in the 4th. Forum UNESCO and to join its work sessions that will surely consolidate the experience of yesterday and the new openings of tomorrow.

Rachid Benmokhtar Benabdellah
President of AI Akhawayn University in lfrane


Morocco is the kingdom of heritage, the country with a tradition of builder rulers and of people strongly attached to their culture. Its forty historic cities, its thousands of Kasbahs and Ksour and its hundreds of archeological sites are a living proof of its extraordinary capacity to protect its heritage and integrate it in its everyday life. The preservation of the Medina of Fes, launched by the late King His Majesty Hassan II and continued by His Majesty King Mohammed VI, is a proof of the national effort and the international solidarity geared towards protecting a living heritage of mankind. This protection guided with reason and passion is nowadays one of the important pillars of preservation and heritage.

The gathering of experts and specialists in Forum UNESCO: University and Heritage blows a breath of fresh air into pluridisciplinarity. The Forum UNESCO, University and Heritage being hosted in lfrane and Fes with the collaboration of ADERFes (Agence pour la Dedensification et la Rehabilitation de la Medina de Fes) shows the link between theory and practice, between pluridisciplinarity and the pluri-institutional.

ADER-Fes, which has closely followed the rehabilitation movement and the preservation of heritage during its latest developments, is honored to contribute to this new step towards a bigger integration of the different specialties of our various actors in the protection and preservation of heritage as well as towards the understanding between peoples.

Abdellatif El Hajjami
General Director of ADER-Fes


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