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Salish Country Cookbook.  Traditional Foods & Medicines from the Pacific Northwest
By Rudolph C. Ryser
Publisher: DayKeeper Press
Seller: Center for World Indigenous Studies
Year: 2014
Salish Country Cookbook is a celebration of Salish knowledge with ancient roots in the land and the sea. Salish Country Cookbook contains recipes that use Northwest native foods and medicines gathered and prepared in ways suitable for the 21st century kitchen. The Salish living cornucopia includes a great abundance of roots, greens, berries, nuts, apples, seeds, flowers, honey and tree sap, tree bark, deer, elk, bear, pheasant, ducks, geese, and sea foods including sea weed, shellfish, salmon, cod, halibut, and a small fish, the Oolichan...

Traseul arhitectural Virginia Andreescu Haret Architectural Tour
Author: Răzvan Lăcraru, Mihaela Lăcraru, Maria Boştenaru-Dan, Elena-Codina Duşoiu
Editor: Răzvan Lăcraru, Maria Boştenaru-Dan
ISBN: 978-973-145-299-9
Year: 2013
This is a cultural project financed through The Architecture Tax of OAR (The Romanian Chamber of Architects) and personal funding. Through this action we wish to remind the public of architect Virginia ANDREESCU HARET and her work. Through this site one can access the brochure, facts about the works and their author, the map and news as they come along.

Digital modeling of the impact of the 1755 Lisbon earthquake
Maria Boştenaru Dan, Thomas Panagopoulos
ISBN: 978-606-638-085-0
Year: 2014
The work goes out of the analysis of existing mathematical models for the 3D digital representation of cities. So there are
analysed fours such models following a grid of criteria which includes also the link between the geometrical representation and the semantic enrichment: GIS, Google Earth, CAD and Second life. Their functionalities are in dialogue. Also, senses connected to the impact of earthquakes are represented. The goal is to develop a model for the digital representation of the changes introduced by the 1755 earthquake on the urban structure of Lisbon. The proposed model is analysed using the same grid. It includes a didactic component, based on the game, reason for which this aspect of architectural representation has been analysed, digital and not only. Only the urban landmarks drawn on the azulejos ceramics which presents the city before the earthquake are represented in 3D through morphogenesis according to the developed criteria, these being in dialogue with the map, historical and contemporary, which evolves in time during the game. The work presents the concept and the computer code.

Patrimoine mondial et développement: au défi du tourisme durable
Sous la direction de Maria Gravari-Barbas, Sébastien Jacquot
ISBN 978-2-7605-3978-5
Year: 2014
Comment penser l’association entre patrimoine mondial, développement et tourisme ? Dans un contexte concurrentiel, le
prestige qu’entraîne l’inscription d’un site sur la Liste du patrimoine mondial de l’UNESCO (Organisation des Nations Unies pour l’éducation, la science et la culture) constitue un avantage compétitif. Toutefois, le tourisme peut être plus qu’un simple
étendard pour attirer davantage de visiteurs, il peut être au service du développement des communautés…

Plant Life of a Desert Archipelago: Flora of the Sonoran Islands in the Gulf of California
By Richard S Felger; Benjamin Theodore Wilder; Humberto Romero-Morales; Foreword by Exequiel Ezcurra
Editor: Univ of Arizona Pr
ISBN: 978-0-8165-0243-1
Año: 2013
Plant Life of a Desert Archipelago is the first in-depth coverage of the plants on islands in the Gulf of California found in between the coasts of Baja California and Sonora. The work is the culmination of decades of study by botanist Richard Felger and recent investigations by Benjamin Wilder, in collaboration with Sr. Humberto Romero-Morales, one of the most knowledgeable Seris concerning the region's flora. Their collective effort weaves together careful and accurate botanical science with the rich cultural and stunning physical setting of this island realm...

Revue du Patrimoine Mondial N° 70 - Synergies pour protéger les sites
La conservation du patrimoine mondial implique un réseau de partenaires particulièrement complexe. Ce numéro se consacrera aux liens qui existent entre les sites naturels et les paysages culturels et aux synergies nécessaires à leur développement durable.

"Art Nouveau selfie " Concours!
Le Musée des Arts appliqués à Budapest organise cette année encore la Journée Mondiale de l’Art nouveau, en coopération avec le Szecessziós Magazin (Magazine Art nouveau) et le projet européen Partage-Plus. Le 10 juin a été sélectionné en tant que Journée mondiale de l’Art nouveau, car elle marque l’anniversaire d’Antonio Gaudi et Ödön Lechner – deux architectes charismatiques du mouvement des deux coins d’Europe...

Solicitud de artículos sobre Arquitectura Vernácula
Los números 46 y 47 de la revista "Arquitecturas del Sur" a publicarse en diciembre de 2014 y junio de 2015 tendrán como tema Arquitectura Vernácula. Se invita a presentar artículos que estén basados en investigaciones formales orientadas a reflexionar
sobre las expresiones de la arquitectura tradicional y/o anónima de la cultura latinoamericana, expresada en el orden funcional, sintáctico y/o simbólico, la utilización de materiales y los sistemas constructivos ancestrales, hoy considerados en la concepción y lenguaje de la arquitectura contemporánea...

“Estas ruinas que ves”: la ex hacienda Nueva Italia, Michoacán, un patrimonio industrial en el olvido
Por: Dra. Ilia Alvarado Sizzo
El presente trabajo propone un estudio panorámico para la revalorización los restos de la ex hacienda Cusi en Nueva Italia, Michoacán desde la perspectiva de patrimonio industrial. Con esa finalidad, se realiza una revisión a la composición geográfica de la zona donde se ubica la ex hacienda, desde un enfoque territorial que permite entender las razones que impulsaron el establecimiento y florecimiento de una agroindustria en una zona árida...

Temple-cathedral in Pozzuoli reopened after restoration
The temple-cathedral in Pozzuoli (Naples) reopened after restoration. In 2004 a professional team led by Marco Dezzi Bardeschi (Marco Dezzi Bardeschi, Gnosis Architettura, Renato De Fusco, Laura Gioeni), won an international contest for the restoration of the temple―cathedral...

Job Offers - Senior Metalwork Conservator (London)
Arts and Heritage Recruitment places temporary and full time staff in museums, galleries and other arts related entities.
We are currently looking for a full time Senior Metalwork Conservator to work for a highly prestigious conservation company based in south London. The company has a large number of very special clients including world class museums, auction houses, galleries and private collectors…

Job Offer - Furniture Conservator (London)
Arts and Heritage Recruitment places temporary and full time staff in museums, galleries and other arts related entities.
We are currently looking for a full time Furniture Conservator to work for a highly prestigious conservation company based in south London. The company has a large number of very special clients including world class museums, auction houses, galleries and private collectors…


e-CREATE European Project (Cultural Routes, Entrepreneurship and Technologies Enhancement
e-CREATE brings together 13 partners from nine EU Member States and Norway. Together, we have identified shortcomings in public policies which promote tourism along cultural and historical routes and decided to bundle our resources to increase the competitiveness of enterprises in rural areas. We aim at jointly identifying and transferring good practices in order to improve regional and local policies. A particular focus is put on the uptake of new technologies among entrepreneurs in rural areas and along tourism routes. The project also aims at increasing public servants’ understanding of the potential of ICT and web tools. Being co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and made possible by the INTERREG IVC programme, the project runs from January 2012 to December 2014.


7 - 11 July 2014
Canberra. Australia
Heritage Training Courses "Leading practice in museum and heritage place education"
Organizers: Australian National University’s Institute for Professional Practice in Heritage and the Arts

14 - 16 julio 2014
Murcia. España
Curso de verano - Encuentros sobre el patrimonio cultural en el mediterráneo. Metodología - Investigación - Reflexión
Organizadores: Universidad Internacional del Mar (UNIMAR)
Contacto: unimar@um.es
Fecha límite: 7 julio 2014

2 - 9 August 2014
Port Arthur Historic Site, Tasmania. Australia
Heritage training course "Best Practice in Managing Heritage Places"
Organizers: Australian National University’s Institute for Professional Practice in Heritage and the Arts

19 - 23 August 2014
Amsterdam. Netherlands
International Course on Value of Culture – On the relationship between Economics, Culture and Arts
Organizers: The Centre for REsearch in ARts and Economics (CREARE)
DEADLINE: 21 jul 2014

26 August - 11 September 2014
Dalyan. Turkey
Tenth International Training Workshop on Integrated Coastal Management in the Mediterranean and the Black Sea (MEDCOAST Institute 2014)

2 - 5 septiembre 2014
San Miguel de Tucumán. Argentina
IV Seminario Internacional de Patrimonio Agroindustrial (SIPA)

10 - 12 septiembre 2014
Rosario, Santa Fe. Argentina
Primer Congreso Nacional de Arte Rupestre
Organizadores: Universidad Nacional de Rosario

17 - 20 September 2014
Brun, Czech Republic
ENCATC Annual Conference “New Challenges for the Arts: Is it just about money? Social, aesthetic and economic aspects of arts management in the public and private sectors”.
25 - 27 septiembre 2014
Santo Domingo. República Dominicana
III Coloquio Internacional RIGPAC
Fecha límite: 4 julio 2014

25 - 28 September 2014
Logrosán, Cáceres. Spain
15th International Congress on Geological and Mining Heritage “From Research to the General Public”
Organizers: The Spanish Society for the Defense of Geological and Mining Heritage (Sociedad Española para la Defensa del
Patrimonio Geológico y Minero, SEDPGYM), in collaboration with the Town Council of Logrosán
DEADLINE: 15 August 2014

08-12 October 2014
Isfahan, Iran
2nd ICCN World Intangible Culture Festival, General Assembly & Womens’s Forum
Organizers: Inter-City Intangible Cultural Cooperation Network (ICCN)
DEADLINE: 30 June 2014

24 - 26 octubre 2014
Serpa y Aroche, Portugal y España.
VIII Encuentro de Arqueología del Suroeste Peninsular
Organizers: La Câmara Municipal de Serpa; la Universidad de Huelva; el Instituto de Arqueología – Mérida (CSIC); el Ayuntamiento de Aroche y la Direção Regional de Cultura do Alentejo
DEADLINE: 22 oct 2014

06 - 07 noviembre 2014
Madrid. Spain
III Jornadas de Arquitectura y Cooperación
Organizers: Cátedra UNESCO de Habitabilidad Básica en la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid junto con la Universidad de Alcalá, el COOPUAH y el CEU Universidad San Pablo
DEADLINE: 23 jun 2014

10 - 13 November 2014
Florence. Italy
FLORENCE youth&heritage FESTIVAL "Heritage and intercultural dialogue: the role of youth"
Organizers: Life Beyond Tourism & ICOMOS Italia

14 - 17 January 2015
Kent, United Kingdom
International Conference: The implementation of the 1972 UNESCO Convention Concerning the Protection of the World Cultural and Natural Heritage Legal and practical evaluation of the management of Cultural World Heritage Sites
Deadline: 1 Nov 2014

15 - 17 January 2015
Heilbronn. Germany
Conference - Cultural Management without Borders: "Challenges of internationalization and
globalization for cultural management and cultural management education"

Organizers: The Association of Cultural Management in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in cooperation with Heilbronn
DEADLINE: 18 jun 2014



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